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How To Disinfect An Apartment After Coronavirus?

How to disinfect an apartment after coronavirus?


The pandemic has changed the world in many ways. One of them is our personal hygiene. We started to follow its rules much more rigorously, disinfecting our hands every now and then or, for example, avoiding touching anything in public spaces. We no longer feel at ease in buses, shopping malls or offices. More than ever, our homes and flats are our retreat and the place where we spend most of our time. What can you do to still feel safe there and invite guests without fear, even if one of the household members or the whole family had to go into quarantine? You can find the answer below.


What to clean with?


Studies show that the coronavirus can survive on surfaces from a few hours to even a few days. The good news is that you don’t need any special measures to neutralize it. regular dish soap or alcohol-based soap available in most stores these days. When using household chemicals, we must remember to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, because some products should be left on the surface for a certain period of time so that they can start working. You can also use ordinary soap and water, but be aware that then you are only rinsing the virus off the surface – without neutralizing it. So, when choosing this method, we need to be more precise.


Where to start?


When cleaning up after quarantine, let’s start with our own safety – put on disposable gloves and a mask. Particular attention should be paid to the room where the sick household member stayed. It is recommended to ventilate them thoroughly first, and only then start disinfecting. If we have such a possibility, it is best to close the room after the sick person for a few days and only then start cleaning – during this time most pathogens will destabilize. After returning, the first piece of furniture we should start with is the bed – this is where the infected person spent most of his time. Take off the bedding and wash it together with the patient’s other clothes at a minimum of 60 degrees. If you have a special steam cleaner, you can use it to clean the mattress. Next, wipe down all surfaces that the person may have come into contact with – furniture, door handles, backrests, light switches and remote controls. The bathroom used by the patient is another room that needs to be disinfected. This is where more aggressive cleaners will work best. The ones we normally use to clean the bathroom will suffice. Let’s not forget about various small surfaces such as taps, cisterns or soap dishes.


Professional Help


In order to effectively neutralize bacteria and viruses in our apartment, we can also contact a professional cleaning company. Such companies usually have specialized equipment such as steam cleaners or ozone generators. While steam cleaners are relatively available equipment and we can use them on our own, we must leave the use of ozone generators only to specialists. Ozone is a very effective agent that kills viruses, bacteria and fungi, but it is also very harmful to all living organisms, human, animals or plants. After the ozone treatment, you should wait a few more hours until you can use the room again, but it is undoubtedly the most convenient form of disinfection after the coronavirus.


Coronavirus infection is affecting more and more people, and new variants are emerging. The basic principle that we should follow in the fight against COVID-19 is increased personal hygiene – ours, but also that of our closest environment. Therefore, disinfecting your home during and after quarantine is an absolute must. It allows you to prevent the spread of the disease among household members, and you can invite guests without any worries.



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