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How To Set Up A Home Office?

Remote work used to seem like a privilege for a few, but now it’s a necessity for most of us. What can you do to make this daily chore more pleasant and throw yourself into work with joy? The answer may be to set up our own home office.


A new dimension of home office


Until some time ago, working from home was reserved only for a few. Today, this is the case for most of us. From one day to the next, we had to adapt to new realities for which we were not prepared. After all, how can we suddenly find a place in our everyday space for calm but also effective work? The solution is a home office – a separate zone or corner where we can focus on work.


Find Your Own Corner to Work


A home office is a much more enjoyable and healthier alternative than working with a laptop on your lap or on a cluttered kitchen table. Homeowners have more freedom in organizing such a place. A larger space gives you more opportunities to create a secluded corner. The problem, however, arises for owners of small apartments. In this case, it’s best to place the desk in the corner of the room – it doesn’t have to be large, it’s important that it fulfills its purpose and has a height adapted to us. If you have enough space, you can separate it from the rest of the room with a bookcase or curtain – then you will feel like you are in your own study, and a bookcase can help you organize your documents. However, if you have limited space, you can opt for a small desk cabinet that will accommodate the most necessary accessories and prints.


Office Chair


An essential element that accompanies us in our daily work is an office chair. In this matter, it is not worth taking the easy way out by adding, for example, a hard kitchen chair to our desk. We have to take into account health and, in the long run, work for a few hours. A well-chosen chair will allow us to have a comfortable spine position even for a long time. Swivel chairs are the most popular on the market. They have a lot of conveniences for the user, such as seat adjustment and recline. Such models are best suited for the home office, as we can adapt them to our needs. A comfortable option that we should also consider is to choose an armchair with armrests. The most demanding users may even be tempted to get an armchair with a headrest.




Another important aspect in our home office is lighting. If we have such a possibility, it is good to arrange our work corner as close to the window as possible. Although we do most of our work on the computer, daylight makes us feel good and increases our productivity.


After dusk, on the other hand, it is worth thinking about good quality artificial lighting. A large pendant lamp in the middle of the room or a wall lamp will absolutely not be enough. A desk lamp will be an essential element. It is worth choosing one that will provide us with enough light, but the large selection of designs and colors available on the market can also make this gadget a great decoration for your desk. Bearing in mind the aesthetic aspects, however, we cannot forget about the most important feature, i.e. its functionality. It is worth choosing a desk lamp with an adjustable arm that will allow us to direct the light to the desired point. If your desk has limited space, get a clip-on lamp that you can clip to the edge of your desk while gaining some valuable space on your tabletop.


What’s in the end? Extras!


A cork board? Original pictures? Or maybe family photos? In the final stage of furnishing our home office, we can let ourselves be carried away by our creativity and personalize our space. Let’s choose accessories that won’t distract us, but to which we will be happy to shift our gaze during breaks from staring at the screen. The recommended gadget here are green plants, which not only relax us and our eyes, but also purify the air.


When arranging a home office, it is worth focusing on adjusting it to our needs. First of all, it must be a place where we will feel good and comfortable. Sometimes it’s better to give up pretty design for the sake of functionality and comfort. On the other hand, sometimes we can go crazy and throw in a few crazy or personal accessories, which usually wouldn’t be allowed by an office décor.



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